Are Greenhouses still HOT?

Published on 24th May 2013

There was once a time when greenhouses were the ultimate status symbol – if you didn’t grow your own peaches in Regency Britain, you were nobody.

In recent years, however, the popularity of the most traditional of glass houses seems to have waned. Having been unfairly relegated to the remit of the Striped Lawn Brigade, you know the ones; all welly boots and whistling at unreasonable hours on Sunday mornings, greenhouses seem to be losing their cool factor.  Perhaps, it’s only natural with so much new competition for our dwindling garden space; from conservatories and studios to pergolas and spa baths the choices are now endless. At Apropos however, we still think that there’s life in the old greenhouse yet… and not just because we make them!










For 50 years Apropos have been innovators in architecture in glass and this all began with the humble greenhouse. Now, we offer bespoke design and cutting edge techniques in everything from elaborate lean-tos to artisan atriums, yet we haven’t forgotten our roots, we still always come back to the faithful greenhouse, and we are proud to do so.

From the classical and compact to beautiful behemoths, there are so many benefits to owning a greenhouse that we could list a thousand points to illustrate the advantages, but you’d probably stop reading. So, instead, here are just a few of our favourite things: Raindrops on roof-panes and lettuce unbitten; succulent soft fruits in unseasonable Britain; blight-free potatoes and flowers all the year round; planning and sowing when frost’s on the ground. Oh, and tomatoes; the flavour and aroma of home-grown tomatoes alone would do it for us but that’s not all; the modern greenhouse is all about versatility.

Yes, you can grow whatever you like whenever you like, but you can also star-gaze, romance and relax – Apropos greenhouses aren’t just about spider webs and potting compost (unless you want them to be), but what we create are beautiful spaces full of light and tranquillity. Who would choose to sit in a gloomy garden shed instead of a warm, bright greenhouse crafted from the finest materials and made to the highest specification for retreating to with a cup of tea, or a glass of wine?

The days of greenhouse grandeur may be gone but at Apropos we believe that there is still life in the old greenhouse yet.

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