Apropos Favourite Five: Kitchen Extensions.

Published on 10th April 2013

Here at Apropos we tend to think, bias as we are, that our bespoke glass and aluminium structures bring contemporary style and bright open spaces to any home; not to mention the value they can add to your property. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of what we believe to be some of Apropos’ best kitchen extensions to date: our Favourite Five, if you will. 

1. First in our Favourite Five has to be a stunning project we undertook converting the dark and dreary kitchen of this Huddersfield farmhouse into a light, bright, and airy space, for the enjoyment of the whole family.

Apropos added a subtle lean-to structure to the back of the house; allowing light to flood into the kitchen and combating many of the problems which has previously arisen from the gloomy space. Apropos’ designer also included an entire length of Aprofold doors so that the family can now make the most of the wide open spaces their garden offers.

The clean lines and minimalist décor of this kitchen work perfectly alongside the open space created by Apropos’ glass and aluminium extension and our clients love the use of their Aprofold doors to bring their outside in.

Huddersfield Kitchen Extension

Apropos  transformed an old fashioned kitchen into this bold contemporary style statement.

Huddersfield Kitchen Extension (Outer)

Aprofold Doors across the entire kitchen allow light to flood in; letting the outside in, in style.

2. Taking the second spot in our honourable countdown is a Manchester project which is both close to our head office and close to our hearts. An all round favourite this structure is both affordable and eye catching thus earning itself a place in Apropos’ Favourite Five.

For this open plan dream to become a reality our Apropos designer fashioned a large space to house dining room, kitchen, and living room, alike; thus creating, not only a larger space, but the illusion of openness with the use of Aprofold doors along the rear of the property.

A gable roofed kitchen extension was also installed to invite light into the property and further the illusion of wide open spaces. The clients chose electronic roof vents and a contemporary colour scheme for the finishing touches to their new open plan kitchen extension.

Manchester Kitchen Extension (Outer)

A decking platform combined with Aprofold doors creates yet a further use for this new extension.

Manchester Kitchen Extension

The gable roofing of this glass and aluminium kitchen extension becomes a great focal point.









3. Third in Apropos’ Favourite Five Kitchen Extensions is this truly futuristic South London project, which was designed to add some much needed square footage to a stuffy kitchen, and make use of dead space in the couples back garden.

By designing this boxed structure to extend the kitchen of a South London home Apropos have transformed the entire look of the property; creating a stunning focal point which is not only aesthetically pleasing but functional too.

In order to make the most of this unusual space and the amount of light captured by the back of the house our designer chose glazed curtain walling for the south facing side of this structure. French doors and a large Apropos roof light were then incorporated into the design to further open up the entire structure to the outdoors.

No. 3 South London Kitchen Extension

An Apropos Roof Light creates the illusion of an even larger space in this futuristic extension.

No 5 South London Kitchen Extension (outer)

Contemporary lines provide an interesting contrast with any more traditional property.









4. We’re getting much closer to our big finale now and in at number four is a rather industrial project undertaken by Apropos for a local architect; whose cutting edge design skills, alongside Apropos fifty years worth of experience in glass and aluminium, resulted in this amazing structure.

With a total three sets of Aprofold doors and a further set of patio doors toward the front of the extension this kitchen can be easily opened up to the outside and is perfect for entertaining friends and family.

Our designer chose a heavy lean-to structure in order to create the industrial feel of this extension; giving it contemporary design status and cutting edge looks. Specialist glasses were also used to control temperatures within the kitchen and self-cleaning glass installed to limit the maintenance needed for this expansive structure.

No. 4: Local Architect

Stainless steel compliments Apropos’ aluminium sight lines and maintains a contemporary style.

No. 4: Local Architect

The contrast of brick work and aluminium forms a great basis for industrial chic.









5. Last but by no means least is our final kitchen extension in Apropos’ Favourite Five: an orangery design located in Winchester. Traditionally orangeries have both brick and glass components making them the ideal structure in which to house your kitchen.

This Winchester orangery, however, goes one step further and through the open plan design creates a home hub for the whole family by incorporating living, dining, and kitchen spaces, into one large area.

Upcycled furniture and state of the art strobe lighting finish this kitchen extension brilliantly resulting in a truly unique space within the families tailor made glass and aluminium structure.

No. 5: Winchester Kitchen Extension

Spotlights  combined with an Apropos Skylight gives this kitchen extension a quirky design twist.

No.5: Winchester Kitchen Extension (outer)

Orangeries are great additions to previous extensions & marry well with any style of property.







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