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Published on 10th October 2012

Freed from their 80s stereotype, modern day bespoke conservatories come in all shapes and sizes; specially manufactured to meet the specifications of you and your home.

lean to conservatory kitchen extension by Apropos

The 1980s was not the best decade for conservatory designs; or any design, for that matter. Bespoke glass and aluminium structures were practically unheard of in the residential market; and identical, white; uPVC, boxes conservatories dominated landscapes across Britain.

Today, although the reign of uPVC is not entirely over; their numbers have decreased, and bespoke designs are becoming more popular than ever. This is thanks to their increasing affordability and versatility. Companies like Apropos specialise in designing and creating bespoke structures and extensions; bringing Grand Designs style renovations to properties across the whole country.

Apropos has a wealth of experience creating beautiful glass and aluminium structures; with a lineage dating back to the grand Crystal Palace. Although we promise, even through the eighties, never to have sold out to uPVC; whatever the fashions, we maintained our integrity, our bespoke nature and thus are ability to create for each individual, the glass and aluminium design, which they truly desire.

So where does one begin when designing a bespoke glass and aluminium structure? Here are some starting points:

Lean-to Bespoke Conservatories

Lean-to bespoke conservatories are the most popular style of glass extension across the market today, but, as each and every lean to conservatory from Apropos is custom built for you they still hold a lot of potential for individual client designs and customised features. Lean-to bespoke conservatories can be situated; either to the rear or side of properties; or run along the rear and side.

Reverse Lean-to Bespoke Conservatories

Reverse lean-to bespoke conservatories are designed to maximise the feeling of space and light within your home. The ridge of the conservatory’s roof is angled upwards; away from the property, thereby creating the illusion, for homeowners, of a larger, more open, space. Lean-to bespoke conservatories are ideal for smaller properties or bungalows.

Link Bespoke Conservatories

Link bespoke conservatories are perfect for connecting separate buildings and thus create one larger living space. Furthermore, bespoke conservatories of this type are perfect for utilising any unused space, such as dated patio areas, your property and grounds may offer.


Orangeries are a popular choice for bespoke extensions to period or listed properties. Thanks to the use of brickwork as orangeries merge seamlessly with the host properties. Orangeries are best described somewhere between an extension and a conservatory; with brick sections, large expanses spanning the entirety of the orangery and, usually, a roof light, or two, depending upon the orangeries size.

Bespoke Extensions

Bespoke extensions create open plan areas in the home, added room in kitchen and dining rooms, or simply extra ground space; all of which will flood your home with light and create the illusion of much more space. Like link conservatories; glass extensions, are a great way to utilise unused outside space and create more within the family home.

There is simply no limit, where Apropos is concerned, placed upon your design wants and needs as our completely customised service means that your product is uniquely created for you; working in harmony with the aesthetics of your property and making your every wish come true.

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