New building scheme may continue after three-year period

Published on 24th October 2012
The new building scheme, which will see extensions being such as conservatories being added to homes and businesses without planning permission, may continue for more than the proposed three-year period, the government has said.

No need for planning permission for this little beauty!

It was revealed earlier this year that planning permission will be dropped in order to encourage people to carry out extensions in order to support the construction industry and to “encourage entrepreneurial activity”

Minister Nick Boles has said that the scheme could be retained if “everybody is happy”.

Councils have said that the scheme is a “free-for-all”, but Mr Boles stated that this was not the case.

“This government thinks the way to support growth is to cut regulation in order to encourage entrepreneurial activity,” he said.

“We want to encourage people to do these extensions in the next three years because the construction industry is having a miserable time. We want to support them.”

Mr Boles added: “If, at the end of three years, it’s become completely acceptable… and everybody is happy with it, then we may continue and keep it in place.

“We are looking at having it for three years [so that] it will stimulate activity.”

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