Garden rooms provide year round space.

Published on 26th October 2012

Garden rooms provide versatile space that you can enjoy not only in summer but also during the cooler months. A bespoke garden room is the perfect solution for those wishing to create extra space whilst adding an attractive feature to the garden. Adding a garden room to your home will enable you to be provided with extra space that you use however you desire, all year round.

Here are some year-round uses for a garden room:

• Home office. One of the most popular uses for a garden room is a home office. A garden room provides the perfect setting for a home office or personal study area, as the structure is detached from the main property. Having space away from the rest of your home will enable you to work or study without any distractions. A garden room can be designed to provide the space you need to store a selection of office equipment such as filing cabinets, laptops or printers. The space provided by a garden room can also be used for running other types of businesses from home, such as a hair or beauty salon.

• Personal gym. A garden room is the perfect solution for those wishing to access their own personal gym all year round. A garden room can be filled with a variety of fitness equipment or you can use the extra space to practice fitness routines such as aerobics or even yoga or pilates. A garden room gym is ideal for those who are unable to afford high gym membership fees.

• Entertainment room. A garden room is ideal for those wishing to create an entertainment room that can be used all year round. Extra features such as bi-folding doors can be added to a garden room to extend your entertainment room into the garden in summer and during autumn and winter, you can seal off the space to create a cosy area where you can relax with friends or family. You can even add a home entertainment system or games to transform your garden room into the perfect autumn and winter entertainment room retreat. A garden room can also provide a unique setting for celebrating special events, such as Halloween, bonfire night, Christmas and New Year.

• Music room. A garden room is ideal for those wishing to create a music room that they can access whenever they wish. Experts have recently advised musicians to consider installing a garden room in their home, as the structure provides a place to sing or play instruments without disrupting family or neighbours. You can even consider using the space to hold music classes. In addition to a music room, a garden room also provides a place to escape and enjoy other hobbies, such as art or writing.

Adding extra features to your garden room will make it suitable for use all year round. The addition of bi folding doors and rooflights will provide you with a garden room that is not only practical but also stylish.

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