Have Your Plans Changed Yet?

Published on 26th September 2012

This week the government has unveiled controversial new plans to shake up the laws of planning permission; something which usually elicits a large groan, accompanied by one horror story or another, from the majority of those who have had any experience trying to get their renovations through the system. Luckily, here at Apropos, we handle all planning applications and building regulations for you; in order to relieve you from the pain and suffering caused by long delays and unjustified refusals.

The new proposal will allow the length of an extension or conservatory, which can be built without seeking planning permission, to be doubled: from 3 to 6 metres, for semi-detached properties, and 4 to 6 metres, for a detached property. These rules, however, will only be temporary; expiring in 2015, and won’t apply to properties within conservation areas. The proposal is hoped to create more jobs within the construction industry and help homeowners, who cannot afford to move houses, move up the property ladder by increasing their current homes value.

Climate Change Secretary Caroline Flint said, about the main drives behind this new policy;

“The desire to be close to family, invest, improve, move to the nice neighbourhoods, leave something behind for the next generation or just have a few square metres to call your own – conservatory and all – is instinctive, and the drive to own is unshakeable.”

Ironically Flint is here also joining one of the less crucial debates sprung from the announcement of this latest policy, which will be in force from as early as next month; that of whether or not it is proper to own a conservatory. With many believing they are unsightly; ruining landscapes and giving neighbours up and down the country reason to grumble, this debate has been ongoing and it seems, as of yet, no decision has been reached.

An Apropos conservatory however is a thing of beauty; adding value and style to your property and increasing the amount of room your home can offer. We do not create your average white uPVC boxes but, instead, offer architecture in glass; built to meet your every need and desire. Each of our structures is unique and tailored to our individual customer.

Whilst the changes in planning law will only apply to single storey, ground floor, conversions value can be increased greatly through the addition of an Apropos bespoke design; which will compliment any home perfectly, thanks to our tailor made design and manufacture services.

Our bespoke nature also means that we can design your glass and aluminium extension to fit in with the new planning laws perfectly, without compromising on design, and thus speed up the process of your renovations; by eliminating the need to submit a planning application. Finally, our trained structural engineers and surveyors will ensure that your new Apropos meets planning laws properly and correctly so that you can take advantage of this newest planning change. So why not strike whilst the iron, or, rather, the aluminum, is hot?

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