The Great Exhibition.

Published on 22nd May 2012
For centuries humankind has used architecture and design to impress; a house comes to define its inhabitants and through the latest in architectural fashions man has always found new and exciting ways to make their buildings brag.

The Great Exhibition did just this. Joseph Paxton knew that to astound the wealthy, upper-class Victorians; whom, themselves, owned lavish properties across the country, he would need something innovative, something extraordinary: something, in hindsight, quintessentially Apropos. This ambition was realised in the design of his famous Crystal Palace. Spanning an incredible 990,000 square feet Paxton’s Crystal Palace was the pride of London whilst it stood; attracting famous figures such as Charles Darwin, Emily Bronte and Prince Albert. Paxton’s innovation, a key aspect in the design of all Apropos’ structures, was the main factor in his success, achieved by using iron and plate glass to turn his epic ambitions into a reality.

Under the burden of today’s property market upgrading ones home, and thus redefining one’s self; gaining a fresh start and revelling in the beauty of new surroundings, is far from easy. Many homeowners, therefore, choose instead to inject their existing property with new reasons to brag through the addition of an Apropos conservatory or orangery. Apropos are the UK’s forerunners in the evolutionary process of architecture in glass; by using the unrivalled knowledge handed down by previous generations, and combining this historical expertise with modern engineering, Apropos creates bespoke glass and aluminium structures, the results of which, are as individual as you are.

“Conservatories have evolved greatly since The Great Exhibition of 1851, when people would have spent their May bank holidays revelling in the many wonderful displays on offer: yet still they swank.”

One of Apropos’ main innovations, to Paxton’s original design, was the introduction of lighter, stronger aluminium frames, over seventy years ago, as modern replacements for Paxton’s iron. Apropos then initiated the option for a range of high tech glasses; which can help protect your family against anything from dirt and bacteria to solar rays. These advancements in technology mean that with an Apropos structure clients can enjoy the best of both worlds; a historically sound philosophy allied with cutting edge engineering. Therefore if the finished look isn’t enough to turn the neighbours green, which we guarantee it will be, a long lecture on the superiority of thermally efficient glass should set things right.

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