Maintaining A Bespoke Conservatory Has Never Been Easier.

Published on 20th February 2012
A bespoke conservatory is a major purchase for any homeowner. So, it is reassuring to know that it has never been easier to maintain a modern, aluminium bespoke conservatory once it has been installed.

Traditional Conservatory Interior by Apropos

With modern technological advances, a bespoke conservatory needs minimal maintenance; allowing the homeowner to spend time enjoying their new bespoke conservatory rather than worrying over its preservation.

In the first instance, an aluminium bespoke conservatory is a clean looking structure, with simple, contemporary lines and a fresh, modern appearance. By design, an aluminium bespoke conservatory will not look overcomplicated or cluttered – two factors that can make a bespoke conservatory look untidy.

“An investment in a modern, bespoke conservatory provides a worry-free future when it comes to maintenance…”

The aluminium frame of a bespoke conservatory will not need much maintenance, and aluminium has a distinct advantage over both wood and uPVC framed bespoke conservatories. The tough powder coated paint finish is durable enough to last decades without blemish. Ordinarily, the frame of the bespoke conservatory should only require the occasional wipe with a cloth and a mild detergent, and only usually to remove such things as the mucky handprints of playful children.

Similarly, the glass of a bespoke conservatory should not need much maintenance either, particularly if self-cleaning glass has been installed. The surface of self-cleaning glass contains a special coating, which is able to clear away dirt whenever it rains. As such, any ordinary dirt deposits on a bespoke conservatory will simply be cleaned away without any effort from the homeowner. For heavier dirt deposits on a bespoke conservatory a little soapy water and a cloth may be required to reactivate the self-cleaning process. Similarly, in very dry weather a homeowner will simply have to hose their bespoke conservatory down with water to ensure the self-cleaning process remains active.

An investment in a modern, bespoke conservatory provides a worry-free future when it comes to maintenance. To find out more please arrange a free design consultation or telephone 0800 328 0033.
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