What Are Folding Sliding Doors?

Published on 23rd January 2012

Folding sliding doors – also known as bi-folding doors – have become hugely popular, but what exactly are they? Here’s Apropos’ handy guide…


Folding sliding doors allow large glazed areas to be opened up on the sides of properties, thereby allowing great views of gardens from within properties. Folding sliding doors tend to be designed and manufactured bespoke, to ensure each set perfectly fits the property they are intended for. Aluminium folding sliding doors can be created in an almost infinite number of colours, and an opening configuration to best suit the homeowner.

Aluminium is certainly the material of choice for folding sliding doors with the vast majority of homeowners. The great strength of aluminium allows for folding sliding doors to have slim frames, meaning the folding sliding doors’ glazing can be maximised. Furthermore, the excellent thermal and energy efficient ratings of the glass means that homeowners will remain warm whatever the weather outside.

Folding sliding doors look particularly fantastic on contemporary properties and extensions, but can be designed to look great whatever the style of property.

Folding sliding doors provide a sleek, seamless finish, and run smoothly on a recessed track.

“Once installed, folding sliding doors create a wonderful ambience for any home…”

Folding sliding doors can be configured uniquely for each client. A client may wish to have just a few panels open with the rest fixed in place, or may prefer the entire frame to open up. Folding sliding doors can be bottom running or top hung, and open in either direction – even configured to open around corners!

Once installed, folding sliding doors create a wonderful ambience for any home. However, there are a number of building considerations to take into account before installation. Folding sliding doors can open up whole-side apertures, so may require new steel support beams to hold up the remaining wall. Furthermore, flush thresholds will also require appropriate drainage systems in place before installation. This will take the guise of a sunken drainage channel in front of the folding sliding doors’ track. This will ensure no water seeps under the folding sliding doors and into a property.

To find out more about the folding sliding doors offered by Apropos order a brochure by clicking here, or arrange a free design consultation by clicking here. Alternatively, telephone 0800 328 0033.
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