A Great Recipe For Kitchen Extensions.

Published on 31st January 2012
Kitchen extensions are proving popular amongst homeowners as an option for updating their properties.

Orangery Kitchen Extension by Apropos

With some people looking for an alternative to formal dining rooms, kitchen extensions are housing more than just the kitchen. Modern-day kitchen extensions are used to cook, eat, relax and entertain, acting as home hubs that also incorporate trendy dining rooms and casual living rooms.

With this in mind, there are four elements homeowners must get right when considering kitchen extensions:

1. Materials

Individual homeowners will have their own personal choice for the materials they wish to use for fixtures and fittings, all coming with their own positive and negative aspects. For instance, stainless steel looks cool and modern, yet difficult to keep free of fingerprints. Dark granite is sumptuous but will show up every crumb if not wiped regularly.

Structurally, kitchen extensions may take the form of stylish orangeries or contemporary conservatories, which will have clean line looks if designed with an aluminium structure.

2. Lighting

The more natural light kitchen extensions can permit the better. Kitchen extensions incorporated into bespoke conservatories will enjoy the most light. Otherwise, outstanding rooflights or stunning bi-folding doors will let light flood into kitchen extensions.

Options for feature, task, and ambient lighting will also need to be considered for kitchen extensions.

3. Layout

An optimal design layout for kitchen extensions is an absolute must. Such a design can be achieved using the ‘working triangle’ principle. This concept establishes a triangle in kitchen extensions that has a ‘wet’ zone (sink), ‘cold’ zone (fridge and freezer), and a ‘hot’ zone (oven and hob) at each point. Along each side of this triangle in kitchen extensions should be an abundance of storage and work space.

4. Green credentials

All new kitchen extensions need to be as eco-friendly as possible. The glass and aluminium kitchen extensions created by Apropos will certainly do their bit for the environment. With high energy ratings for its glazing, and thermally-efficient aluminium structures, Apropos’ kitchen extensions also allow an abundance of natural light in, meaning electricity bills are cut.

To find out more about the bespoke kitchen extensions designed and created by Apropos please order a brochure or book a free design consultation. Alternatively, telephone number 0800 328 0033.
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