Orangeries Sympathetically Enhance Period Properties

Published on 13th December 2011
Are you considering renovating or extending a period property? If so, orangeries are a sympathetic and stylish choice for any renovation project.

Orangery Extension by Apropos Conservatories

Orangeries are different to conservatories insofar as they have a much sturdier appearance, characterised by their recognisable brick or metal ‘pillar’ structures. Usually, orangeries have flat roofs which incorporate glazed areas, such as rooflights. The walls of orangeries are predominantly glazed, and in recent years have begun to increasingly include folding sliding doors.

The sturdier appearance of orangeries allows them to blend more easily with their parent properties. As such, orangeries are perfect as additions to period or listed properties, providing luxurious extra living space, whilst respecting the historical integrity of the main properties.

Bespoke orangeries can be designed and created to merge seamlessly with period properties, to such an extent that to the eyes of visitors they will appear to be coherent parts of the original properties.

“…the effortless, traditional, external look of orangeries belies a high-tech heart that beats at the centre of every bespoke orangery designed and created by Apropos.”

The internal look of orangeries creates a fabulous flow between original properties and their new extensions. Homeowners and their guests can walk between the two without noticing any structural change; and yet, orangeries can provide traditional properties with a wonderful contemporary flavour. Orangeries are a fantastic space to house modern kitchen extensions, sweepingly spacious living rooms, or inspiring dining rooms. Alternatively, orangeries can provide home ‘hubs’ – living spaces that combine different functions to create new hubs for family life.

By providing space for contemporary design, orangeries ensure that the period features and styles of their parent properties are not compromised.

Furthermore, the effortless, traditional, external look of orangeries belies a high-tech heart that beats at the centre of every bespoke orangery designed and created by Apropos. Apropos’ orangeries incorporate the latest cutting-edge design technology: from highly energy efficient glass, to versatile thermally-broken aluminium; from electronic vents, to super slim bi-folding doors.

Majestic rooflights allow orangeries to be bathed in brightness and light even on the dullest of days; whilst folding sliding doors – also known as bi-folding doors –have a dual role for orangeries. Firstly, folding sliding doors allow orangeries to combine with the garden as one beautiful living space during warm weather; whilst, secondly, they provide another source of inspiring light on duller days, with unimpeded views from orangeries of the gardens beyond.

For any homeowners considering renovations to their period properties, orangeries provide an extremely stylish solution.

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