Farmhouse Kitchen Finds Perfect Home In Lean-To Conservatory.

Published on 15th December 2011
A bespoke, lean-to conservatory was the stunning centrepiece of a farmhouse renovation in Oxfordshire. The glass and aluminium lean-to conservatory was uniquely designed and created by Apropos to house a beautiful contemporary kitchen for the property.

Lean-to Kitchen Extension by Apropos

The lean-to conservatory replaced a piece of dead space to the side of the farmhouse, rejuvenating the gorgeous property as part of a project to bring it back to life. The project created a beautiful juxtapose between a sympathetic renovation of the original building and the breathtaking construction of the new lean-to conservatory.

The lean-to conservatory houses the contemporary kitchen with great aplomb. The simple lines of the kitchen merge with the clean lines of the lean-to conservatory’s aluminium frame, and the clearness of its glass, to create a beautifully light and fresh new living space.

The floor space of the property is greatly increased by the lean-to conservatory, thereby adding to a feeling of space and light in the original building with the removal of the old kitchen from it. Indeed, the construction of the lean-to conservatory on a piece of dead space to the side of the property greatly improve the external aesthetics of the property as a whole.

“This gorgeous lean-to conservatory puts the kitchen right at the centre of the farmhouse’s life…”

In addition to housing the new kitchen, the lean-to conservatory also comes packed with the highest thermal and energy efficiency standards, and gadgetry; including, electric vents to assist air flow through the lean-to conservatory, and highly secure patio doors for easy access to the garden.

In other circumstances, the client may have chosen to add an orangery to their property instead of a lean-to conservatory. With a more structural look, an orangery would have merged seamlessly with the farmhouse. However, the lean-to conservatory provides unrestricted views of the surrounding countryside, including a beautiful brook at the bottom of the garden.

Furthermore, the lean-to conservatory is a wonderful statement on modern living. Lean-to conservatories are now fully integrated additions to any property, undertaking specific uses for the home. Whilst some lean-to conservatories house modern kitchens, other house remarkable living rooms or well-loved dining rooms.

In conclusion, this gorgeous lean-to conservatory puts the kitchen right at the centre of the farmhouse’s life, providing it with an inspirational and relaxing backdrop for family life.

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