Bi-folding Doors Open Up Possibilities All Year Round.

Published on 24th November 2011
Bi-folding doors have become hugely popular in recent years, and are opening up new lifestyle possibilities for homeowners all-year-round, not just during the summer.

folding sliding doors

Bi-folding doors – also known as folding sliding doors– have been catapulted into the public’s imagination thanks to the influence of popular home makeover, television programmes. Viewers have been presented with bi-folding doors’ ability to create new dimensions for home living when they open up a whole side of a property, or create dual aspect openings in others. The public have eagerly taken to bi-folding doors in their desire to create fantastic living experiences; and rightly so, bi-folding doors open up great possibilities whatever the weather.

“Bi-folding doors create fabulous new living spaces that merge the internal and external elements of properties…”

During summertime, the benefit of bi-folding doors for properties is unquestionable. When opened fully, bi-folding doors create fabulous new living spaces that merge the internal and external elements of properties. This means that families can enjoy their gardens more, with the new space acting as an extension of their external living area. With bi-folding doors fully open, parents can allow their children to fully explore and play in the garden, safe in the knowledge that there is no barrier between them. Similarly, social events become majestic when bi-folding doors are completely opened up, with guests free to wander between home and garden unhindered.

Nonetheless, bi-folding doors are not just there for summertime fun. Even in winter months, bi-folding doors create amazing living spaces. Even when closed, bi-folding doors’ immense glazing, coupled with slim framing, create unrestrained views of the outdoors. This generates a peaceful ambience for the home, with swathes of light still able to enter the home on the dullest of days.

Moreover, Apropos’ bi-folding doors are advanced in their design, achieving the highest of thermal and energy efficiency ratings. This means, that homes remain warm and snug even on the coldest of days, thanks to bi-folding doors.

Bi-folding doors’ dual ability to open up homes, as well as keep them insulated, is outstanding. Whether bi-folding doors are used for dining rooms, living rooms, or as part of new kitchen extensions, the result is always the same – bi-folding doors open up amazing new living experiences for homeowners.

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