Aluminium Conservatories Are Better For The Environment.

Published on 29th November 2011

Apropos’ aluminium conservatories have impressive green credentials compared to wooden and uPVC alternatives.

Traditional Conservatory Extension by Apropos

Homeowners considering new conservatories base their purchasing decision on financial and emotional considerations; usually involving factors such as value for money and design. Another popular consideration is the environment; and, whilst Apropos’ conservatories have always scored highly for their designs and value for money, their green credentials are very difficult to beat as well.

Apropos’ conservatories are manufactured using one of the most durable materials on Earth – aluminium. As such, Apropos’ aluminium conservatories are the most robust conservatories money can buy. Tougher than both wood and uPVC, aluminium conservatories will last a lifetime. And longer. The longevity of Apropos conservatories means they are better value for money and more environmentally-friendly than wooden and uPVC conservatories.

“Apropos has an envious ‘green’ reputation for all its conservatories, which are endorsed by the Royal Botanic Gardens Kew…”

The frames of aluminium conservatories are infinitely recyclable. In comparison, uPVC and wooden conservatories fare much worse in the ‘green’ stakes. uPVC conservatories are expensive to recycle due the high chlorine content in their frames. Furthermore, in addition to global concerns about forest clearance, wooden conservatories treated with creosote or copper chromium arsenic (CCA) are considered hazardous waste by the EU.

Conservatories built from aluminium enjoy a distinct advantage over conservatories built from other materials. Aluminium is flexible, impermeable, non-toxic, durable, resistant to corrosion, non-magnetic, abundant in supply, and, most crucially, 100 per cent recyclable. Therefore, it is the material of design choice for architects worldwide, who enjoy its versatile qualities; something that Apropos uses to full effect when designing and manufacturing amazing conservatories.

In addition, conservatories built by Apropos enjoy highly-impressive energy and thermal efficiency ratings; with fabulous U-values that are difficult to beat in the current conservatories’ market.

Furthermore, Apropos has an envious ‘green’ reputation for all its conservatories, which are endorsed by the Royal Botanic Gardens Kew. Indeed, Apropos most famous conservatory houses the famous Great Vine at Hampton Court Palace– a structure that has stood since the late 1960s.

Apropos’ conservatories are also virtually maintenance free, requiring occasional cleaning with a mild detergent. In comparison, wooden conservatories require regular maintenance to keep their frames free from deterioration that may affect energy and thermal performance. Indeed, wooden conservatories located on the coast may require on-going maintenance. Apropos’ conservatories do not require such attention.

It is therefore clear that the bespoke conservatories offered by Apropos are the shrewdest environmental investment.

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