Glazed canopy

A glazed canopy is the perfect solution for providing shelter from the elements; at home, over a front door or to create a sheltered barbecue or seating area, for example, or in commercial settings, covered walkways, entrance ways and smoking shelters. Glazed canopies form a transition area between the outdoors and the indoors and can be used to great effect in a wide variety of situations.

Unfortunately the British weather isn’t always as good as we would like it to be and there are some times when a bit of shelter from the rain would be very welcome indeed. Whether installed in a domestic or commercial application, a glazed canopy from apropos provides the shelter required without cutting out light. And in common with all our other products, our glazed shelters are designed to look good as well as be functional.

Domestic Applications of Glazed Canopies

Something as simple as a glazed canopy to provide a dry area to allow you find your keys and unlock your door without getting soaked can be a real godsend. If you have a detached garden building such as a glasshouse or garden studio, a glazed canopy forming a covered walkway from it to your house would prove similarly useful. Think of an outdoor situation where you would benefit from shelter, and we can design and build a glazed canopy to provide it.

Commercial Applications for Glazed Canopies

Working directly with the client, or through structural engineers or other professionals, we can design, manufacture and install glazed canopies for a range of commercial applications, for example, linkways between detached office buildings, walkways from commercial properties to car parks, smoking shelters, porches and lobbies. From a glazed canopy providing shelter whilst people browse a shop window, to a larger scale commercial installation, we take the same care to provide a bespoke solution and first quality design and manufacture.

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