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Apropos Flexible Payment Options

At Apropos we understand that all of our customers are unique and that everyone has different needs, wants, and, of course, preferred payment methods. With this in mind, we offer a range of finance packages to suit most budgets, that are both flexible and affordable, in conjunction with Barclay’s Partner Finance our sole lending partner.

Our Flexible Monthly Payments scheme allows you to spread your payments over 36, 60 or 120 monthly payments and if your loan amount exceeds £10,000 we can even stretch that to 180 monthly repayments, dependent on what suits your budget and keeping you in control of your cash flow.

We also offer our Buy Now, Pay Later scheme which allows you to defer your payment for up to 12 months interest free. Should payment not be made within this time you will pay off your finance over 120 equal monthly payments at the rates given below.

Complete peace of mind – not only does our finance offer complete flexibility but it also offers you protection and reassurance that your money is safe.

See below for representative examples, but for more information or to discuss your options call us on 0800 328 0033.

Buy Now, Pay Later
12 Months 0.0%
120 Months 19.9%
Order Value at £30,000 inc VAT
Initial Deposit 30% £9,000
Amount on finance 70% £21,000
If settled in deferred period pay: £21,070
If NOT settled pay (total over 120 monthly repayments of £451.46): £63,175.20

Flexible Monthly Payments
36 Months 7.9%
Order Value at £30,000 inc VAT 
Initial Deposit (cash)* 30% £9,000
Amount of credit 70% £21,000
Payable by 36 monthly payments of: £654.50
*Minimum deposit is required. No interest or fees are charged.






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