At Apropos we’re experts in architecture in glass – designing, manufacturing and installing bespoke glass and aluminium structures of breath-taking beauty across the UK.

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Bespoke Structures

Built just for you.

As with everything we do here at Apropos, our new seamless glazing system is entirely bespoke; built around you, to meet your exact requirements and blend flawlessly with your host property.

Curtain Walling




Curtain Walling

Sheer Curtain Walling For Modern Life

Curtain walling allows you to create a fresh new look for your property, without impeaching on your outdoor space. A brilliant compromise for those with minimal outdoor space available, or as a clever way to add character and light to your property, our new seamless glazing system creates curtain walling like never before; providing uninterrupted views beyond the panes and enhancing home and lifestyle, with more natural light than ever before.

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Beautiful Orangeries Fit For the Future

Orangeries first landed on our shores back in the 15th century and they’ve been in need of a face lift for a while now. Thanks to our new seamless glazing system, we’ve given them just that - by incorporating minimalist, sheer glazing into the design of your new orangery, your structure will be fit for the future as well as providing all of the time honoured benefits orangeries bring to the home.

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Bespoke conservatories

Apropos builds glass and aluminium structures to stand the test of time, which provide extra space in the home, and look fabulous doing so. Our bespoke structures can be used in a variety of ways and shouldn’t ever bring to mind the usual mental image conjured by the word conservatory. Now, we’re taking our conservatories even further into the future; by offering our cutting edge seamless glazing system for use in the design of your bespoke conservatory space.

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Seamless Glazing

Bespoke Seamless Glazing to Enhance Your Home.

Thanks to the bespoke nature of everything we do here, we can offer our seamless glazing system for use in any way that complies with the laws of physics. From contemporary conservatories, orangeries and other structures, to windows doors and curtain walling; whatever you had in mind for your home, our seamless system can help enhance your property and your lifestyle. As well as bringing your home firmly into the modern age.

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Modern Doors

Make an entrance entirely your own.

Walk into a whole new world with seamless bi-folding and patio doors.


Bi-folding and patio doors are now a staple in most homes; thanks to their ability to join home and garden, let natural light flood in and create new ways to use your space. If you like to stay ahead of the trend though, consider our new seamless door sets for use in your glass and aluminium structure or as a striking feature all their own. Seamless technology means uninterrupted views, and our broad range of colour options allows for sympathy with any host building.

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Handles & Colour Options

Our range of contemporary or classic door handles and colour options allow you to further customise your bespoke Apropos Lux doors or design - blending your property style with our modern seamless glazing effortlessly.


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Update your outlook with seamless glazing.

Windows were once the only glazing available to the average homeowner and with a myriad of options now available for letting light into our homes, you’d be forgiven for thinking windows were a rather standard aspect of any building – but why settle for standard? Our seamless glazing system offers modern, cutting edge window design for use alongside our other products or as a project in their own right, adding value and appeal to your home.

Bespoke Glazing

Bespoke, for you, like everything we do.

Bespoke glazing is what we do, but with changes and innovations constantly taking place in the world of architecture in glass, apropos seeks to remain ahead of the trends. We also strive to provide exactly what our clients need and do so using only the very best quality materials and workmanship.

Our new seamless glazing system gives you the ability to create living spaces of outstanding character and cutting edge design. Whether an orangery, conservatory, extension or garden room, why not consider staying ahead of the trends with us, and incorporating sheer glazing into your next project?

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live in luxury

Luxuriously styled, highly secure and energy efficient.

All of our Apropos Lux products come with the top energy efficiency ratings, meaning your home will retain its heat during winter, and won’t turn into a hot house over summer. The 62mm triple glazed insulated glass units, of our doors, along with a double gasket seal as standard are structurally bonded to a thermally broken aluminium frame with insulating foam inserts to ensure these top ratings and state of the art 50mm insulated triple glazed units with an 80mm draught free double rebate system, for windows, ensures only the best U-Values on the market.

Not only do they look sensational, the Apropos Lux system is also highly secure with exclusive technology keeping your windows under your control, and ensuring doors achieve a burglar resistance rating of WK/RC (DIN EN 1627) thanks to their multi point locking systems and additional shoot bolts.

Live In Light

Bathe your home in uninterrupted natural light.

See your living space in its best possible light with our whole new, cutting edge, seamless glazing. Minimalist wall to wall glass brings a new level of brightness and natural light to every area of your home. With its completely flat, uninterrupted profile, Apropos Lux creates a wall of light for your home, however you choose to use the system.

So why not let light in? With energy efficient, structurally bonded for internal strength, glass-fibre reinforced profiles and triple glazing. This intelligent feat of modern engineering is the first of its kind, offering all the design benefits of frameless glazing with all the strength, security and internal styling of more traditional windows and doors.

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