Good Design is Obvious Great Design is Transparent

Published on 18th March 2017
The interesting thing about a well designed item, whether a tea cup or a forty storey building, is that you’re hardly likely to notice it. Of course, you’ll pick it up, you’ll use it, you may even subconsciously appreciate its aesthetics, but it’s only if something is not quite right that you’ll start to pay attention. If the tea cup dribbles every time you go to take a sip, or the lip of the step makes you trip each time you climb the stairs; that’s when you’ll take heed.

All the other cups and mugs, all the other buildings go unnoticed; they do their jobs with simplicity and ease; they never draw a thought.

‘Good design is obvious, great design is transparent’ are the words of Joe Sparano, and a philosophy that Apropos, as producers of architecture in glass, have taken to heart.


It’s not just that glass is inherently transparent (although with Switch glass, frosted and laminated available that’s not always the case!), more that our aim is to create structures that are so perfect for our customer’s needs that they are able to use them without thinking. That’s not to say that our conservatories, orangeries and atria go unnoticed, or our garden rooms, green houses and skylights go unloved – indeed we commonly set neighbourly curtains twitching! – but the beauty of designing and building bespoke is that there is no need for compromise; almost everything can be done to suit your wishes.

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Although big can be beautiful, we’re living at the moment in a ‘less is more’ world; clutter is giving way to clean lines and simplicity is often key. Our lives are full and frequently too busy, so we need our homes to give us the space and light and happiness we yearn for. While each member of the Apropos design team is an expert in the glass architectural field, they’re also fantastic listeners, able to take on board your design and lifestyle dreams and make them solid, incorporating the best material and the finest sight-lines to deliver a glass extension that you’ll love so much you’ll soon forget what life was like without it.


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