Seasonal Shades: What Looks are Hot for Summer?

Published on 12th June 2015
Although the weather hasn’t been playing ball, we’re truly into the start of summer. If you’ve not yet had a chance to revamp your interiors since the winter set in, now might be the time to embrace a make-over, freshen things up and get your home summer-ready.
Apropos’ Top Five Decorative Styles for Summer 2015

Making a Splash – Water features have always been popular with gardeners, but have you thought about having one indoors? Indoor water features can be big or small; a wall-mounted waterfall; a fish tank coffee table; a conservatory koi pond; or a simple self-contained table-top ceramic orb. Water features bring a soothing focal point to a room; the sounds created are calming; the movement mesmerising; and the water can help raise the humidity in a healthy manner. As for aesthetics, well, they’re simply stunning, and can work in any home environment.

Pretty Patterns – We’ve seen it in clothing, now it’s coming into the home: the bold print. This season two conflicting trends have forced their way through to the heights of fashion. The first is to take a plain room; unobtrusive walls and simple furniture, then jazz it up with accessories of the most boldly brilliant design. The second is simply to throw it all together; busily printed wallpaper; motifed furniture; contrasting throws and colourful rugs. The effect can be alarming, but if done well, it can also be spectacular.

Black, White and Green All Over – Botanicals are at the heart of this movement, with nature inspiring a calming colour palette. Plain walls in dark slate grey, with wooden furniture, cream highlights, and accents of green throughout; dark mossy shades; grassy tones; leaf green; united with plants and nature-inspired prints. If you’re worried about the room being too dark, try this in your conservatory. With a dark back wall and flooring, the contrast with the natural light shining through could be exquisite!

Reclamation Chic – Planet-friendly living and sustainable style are the inspiration for this look, with reclaimed wood entering the home. This can be incorporated into an industrial style, loft-apartment design, or even shabby chic. The idea is to take something old and make it feel loved again, whether in your floors, walls, bookcases or furniture; just don’t cover up the original features. Apart from the green credentials, this is a fabulously affordable way to bring unique personality to your home.

Perfect Pastels – After last year’s passion for ‘brights’, pastels are back with a big blousy bang, but rather than being inherently feminine, this year’s tones have more of a neutral feel, with a flavour of masculinity thrown in. Soft blues and mint greens are seriously on trend, bringing an airy, oceanic feel; cool yellows and delicate creams are perfect for inducing a sense of tranquility; while the gentle blush of rose or apricot can bring a sweeter flavour.

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