Cocoa-Loco down in Apro-pos

Published on 29th May 2015
If you’re anything like us, you’d have read with horror, earlier this year, the news that the world’s chocolate supply was under threat. Not only are we eating more of the stuff than ever before (we’re talking in generalities here, not just the Apropos office!), but new strains of disease have been attacking the trees of the primary cocoa-producing countries, and if these diseases can’t be stopped, there’s a very real risk that chocolate could become a thing of the past.

We were all on the brink of wailing and gnashing our teeth at this devastating news when further reading revealed something rather pleasing – the humble British greenhouse is at the heart of the great chocolate fight-back!

It seems that somewhere in a field in Reading, British scientists are busy creating the perfect environment for cultivating cocoa. The plan isn’t for a vast Eden Project-style biome that will keep the trees free from disease, but rather to use Britain as a buffer-zone in the transportation of the precious plants. Due to their growing conditions, the ailments that afflict the cocoa tree pose no threat to British natives, so we can quarantine plants, study them and cultivate the disease-resistant varieties, before shipping them off to their new growing destination, where they can put down their roots and begin to produce the sweet, chocolaty goodness that we all know and love.  All that, thanks to the unassuming greenhouse.

Although we’ve diversified over the years, Apropos began life as a manufacturer of greenhouses, and found its fame with the production of the world’s first aluminium-framed glazed building. Greenhouses aren’t really thought of as ‘cool’ these days; their architecture and function has been side-lined as something for the wealthy middle-aged, but at Apropos, we think that they’re one of the most important things that we do. Greenhouses bring life, give nature a little helping hand, and, with any luck, could help us to save one of our most beloved foodstuffs – we think that makes them pretty special.

With more and more foods being recorded as at risk of extinction – coffee, bananas, even some apples are on the list – it seems to us that the greenhouse has a big part to play in agriculture’s future. Wouldn’t it be nice if we all played our parts too? You’d be surprised what a greenhouse could do for you!

If you’d like more information on growing your very own bespoke Apropos greenhouse, please contact our design team: 0800 328 0033

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