Take The City With You.

Published on 1st April 2015

The great escape from city living to country life is something that many people dream of. You spend years trudging through the daily grind to reach that longed-for goal: a house in the country, with a garden worthy of the name, and the lifestyle you’d always aspired to. The differences between the two ways of life are innumerable; the air quality; the space; the atmosphere; and the architecture being but four of the obviously ringable changes, and it’s this last one that some people struggle with, surprisingly.            

When you live in the city you get used to a certain style of home. For most, that’s an open-plan flat. You get used to rooms that are sensibly square or rectangular in shape, with conveniently placed plug sockets. When you move to that quaint little country cottage, the sprawling barn conversion, or, if you’re really lucky, the period manor house, certain things come as a surprise. The pokiness of the rooms, the narrowness of the stairwell, the awkward corners, and the low light levels can sometimes take away a little of the joy. With barn conversions the issues are often the reverse, with large, shapeless rooms making it difficult to foster a feeling of homeliness. What’s the solution? Well, you could ditch the dream and head back to the city, or, you could contact Apropos to see how our glass architecture could help?

The thing about glass architecture is that it can work almost anywhere, the transparency of the main material preventing it from jarring with the original aesthetic, while the bespoke nature of Apropos structures means that our designers will always come up with an extension to suit your purposes and your preferences, whether that’s a bold contrasting modernist style statement, or a demurely retiring structure that deliberately refrains from drawing the eye.

With a barn conversion we can help to add structure, using glazed folding-sliding doors as room dividers without disrupting the flow of light. In more traditional homes, we could brighten those dark corners with glazed curtain walling, skylights, or bi-fold doors to bring the outdoors in. A conservatory or orangery could increase the functional footprint of your home, while a glazed walkway could improve access, either providing a covered – and functional – link to out-buildings, or wrapping your home in a warming glazed hug, allowing entry at various points.

Designed purely to suit your needs while delivering the highest possible quality, Apropos glazed extensions can help to bring a bit of city style to any home, but more importantly, they can help to make your home feel like your own.

Planning a move to the country and longing to take a little bit of the city with you? Or already a born and bred country dweller looking for a little bit of urban chic? Whatever your needs please call on us 0800 328 0033.



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