St Georges Day: Great British Design by Apropos

Published on 28th April 2015
We’re apparently a reserved lot, the English. We don’t put ourselves forward like the Americans, assert our prowess like the Australians, and you’ll not find half as many parades and parties to celebrate St. George as you will for old St. Patrick, even within England itself! Even still, Thursday 23rd of April was St. George’s Day, and if there was ever a time to celebrate what it is to be not just English, but Great British and proud, it has to be about now.

It’s English reserve that makes us feel a little uncomfortable about blowing our own trumpets, but us Brits have been responsible for some of the greatest achievements in history: electricity, television, radio and the computer were all invented here; Shakespeare, Jane Austen, Charles Dickens and the Bronte sisters all called England home; and we gave the world The Beatles… What more need be said?

Although Apropos may be Manchester-based, we’re British and we’re proud. We’re proud to have been designing, manufacturing and building glass architecture in the UK for more than three quarters of a century. Apropos’ heritage is in greenhouses; that favourite of the Great British gardener, but our founder, Vincent Hartley, discovered a way to create stronger, more attractive structures from glass. The first person to construct a glazed building using aluminium as a frame, Hartley set about experimenting with materials, designing architectural solutions and crafting newer and better ways to construct glass structures that would stand the test of time. From those roots Apropos grew, and we’ve been among the forerunners of technical expertise, developing new and improved systems for the creation of glass architecture ever since.

Not only is everything we do designed in Great Britain; we also make everything here too. From the glass that forms your conservatory, to the nuts and bolts that hold it together. We cast our own aluminium extrusions on a bespoke basis for each individual customer, which means that you never have to compromise when it comes to the design of your glazed extension; we don’t work with pre-set, fixed-sized components and design your home extensions around them; instead we design the extension that will suit you, your home, the way that you’re going to use it and the space available to you, and then cast your frame appropriately.

The Apropos system doesn’t just mean that we can deliver exactly what our customers want – the ultimate in bespoke glazed architecture – but also that we can employ local people. By ordering an orangery from Apropos you’re not importing pre-fabricated components from a factory somewhere in China, but giving work to the lads and lasses of Manchester. Our design consultants work nationwide and come from all corners of the UK, and it’s this local knowledge of local people, and local planning rules that helps to make sure that Apropos projects run so smoothly.

So there you have it; we’re English; we’re British; we’re Apropos; and we’re proud! What makes you proud to be British? Let us know on our social media pages…
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