New Beginnings: What to expect when you’re expecting an Apropos Conservatory

Published on 7th April 2015
Whether literally, metaphorically, physically or theistically, spring is a time of new beginnings. Although we all talk about it on January first, when impractical resolutions are hastily made, it’s at this time of year when real change happens. Perhaps it’s the influence of nature, as new life appears all around, or perhaps it’s just that the longer days give us more time to get things done, but as Easter approaches it’s full speed ahead for DIY, gardening, home improvement, self-improvement, and sparkling shining optimism.

If home improvement is on your agenda this spring you have a pretty exciting time ahead, as you plan, problem solve, design, construct, and enjoy your finished product.

While building work of any kind has a reputation for inducing headaches, at Apropos we find the simplest way towards a stress-free construction is to keep our clients in the loop – if you know what to expect every step of the way, there should be no nasty surprises. So, this is what you can expect when you’re expecting an Apropos conservatory.

  1. Design – The most important thing for us is that you’re happy with your Apropos conservatory, so the first step will be a design consultation. Whether you have existing architect’s drawings, a rough idea, or you’d like us to start from scratch, we’ll visit you in your home to discuss your options and assess practicalities.
  2. Presentation – After the first meeting we’ll go away and work on some ideas, creating a number of plans for you to choose from.
  3. Site Survey – Once you have settled on your chosen design we will send in our expert surveyors to make sure that we have every last measurement to a tee, guaranteeing that your conservatory construction will be seamless.
  4. Planning – While that’s happening we’ll also be drawing up planning documents for your local authority, saving you the trouble of any red tape.
  5. Drawings – With the survey done and planning permission in place, we’ll furnish you with a final set of technical drawings so you can make sure that you’re one hundred percent happy before construction takes place.
  6. Building Works – Now the fun begins. Glass architecture is our speciality, not bricks and mortar, so while we’re busy casting your aluminium frames and forming your chosen glass, we’ll liaise with your local contractor who will prepare the site for us, so that there is no delay in construction.
  7. Installation – To make sure that there are no glitches on site, we’ll build the frame of your structure in our warehouse before we deliver it to you. When we’re happy that everything is as it should be, our construction experts will complete the installation on your property, have a tidy up and leave you to it.
  8. Make it Yours – This next bit is down to you: fill it with plants, install a hammock, relocate your office, or just sit in a deckchair and enjoy the view. Once built, your Apropos conservatory will last as long as your house, so you’ve plenty of time to make it yours!
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