Light Touch: How Apropos can Enlighten your Home with Minimal Fuss

Published on 8th April 2015
The bringing of light into the home is one of the most attractive selling points of architecture in glass; in fact it’s a primary concern for a great many Apropos customers. Natural light is appealing not just because it saves on synthetic lighting, but because a light, bright home feels more spacious and homely. Because natural light can help prevent the formation of damp and mould, brighter homes are also generally healthier homes.

The problem is that orangeries, conservatories and other glazed extensions, don’t necessarily appeal to all. You might not have the space to extend. You might not want to give up any of your garden. Or you might, quite simply, like your home just as it is. That being the case then, how do you bring extra natural light without significant alterations?

The answer? Talk to Apropos!

We spend a lot of time talking about our bigger projects here at Apropos, largely because they’re the things we’re most often asked about, but there are plenty of ways to enhance your home without substantial structural intrusion.

Firstly, think about your existing windows. If yours are made from old double glazing they may not be letting in as much light as they could be. When double glazing ‘blows’ – when the seals fail – external light will be diffused through a misty build-up of water droplets. uPVC and wooden window frames are also far bulkier than Apropos aluminium frames (which currently deliver the slimmest sightlines available), so by simply replacing your existing windows you could welcome in a lot more light.

Skylights are a further way of admitting daylight into rooms with access to external roofs. Whether loft conversions or ground floor extensions, skylights welcome in the sun without taking up any wall storage space – they also provide some fabulous sound effects on rainy days!

Sliding, bi-fold, or patio doors are another option. They do require more room, but they have the added benefit of improving garden access. As all Apropos doors and windows are bespoke we can make them to fit even unorthodox apertures, giving you the flexibility to install them there you will.

If you want to retain the shape of your home, but admit much more light, glazed curtain walling is a bigger job, but hugely impactful. When interspersed with glazed doors, curtain walling can make an impressive addition to your home, bringing light, uninterrupted views, a feeling of expansiveness and improved access, while boosting the structural integrity of your home.

If you’d like to discuss how Apropos could help you to light up your life, please call our design team – we’re always free for a chat: 0800 328 0033 
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