Seasonal Shades: What looks are hot for Spring

Published on 12th March 2015
So another season comes with another set of styles, and it’s time for fashion followers to break out the paintbrushes and give their home a once-over. In case you’re feeling stuck for ideas, we thought we’d put together a quick Apropos guide to the hot new interiors trends for spring 2015.

  • Make Mine a Marsala – There’s a touch of exoticism in the marsala shade; a rich, earthy red which speaks of Empire and State. With the sumptuous ‘Indian Summers’ on our screens, there is no shortage of inspiration for marsala style; whitewashed walls, rattan furniture, then splash around the deep red to give some depth. Add in some tall pot plants and you’re there; a conservatory basking in unfading glory.
  • Bold Lines – If you have an Apropos structure at home, then you’re already ahead of the fashions, as bold lines and geometric shapes are still de rigueur this season. Oozing confidence, strong lines in dark shades against light backgrounds bring an unflinching force to a room, whether a monochrome kitchen-diner or an ultra-modern orangery. With a robust aluminium frame – available in your choice of colour – weaving together vast sheets of glass, you won’t get much bolder or brighter than Apropos glass architecture.
  • Nicely Natural – Whether sand, toasted almond, or shades of green, the tones of nature are proving popular, particularly in rooms rich in natural light, where the sun can bring highlights and accents of shade. The softer colours are at their best in rooms of relaxation, whereas lush mossy greens can bring a classical feel where you like to entertain – combine a rich oak dining table with moss green walls and golden accents for timeless appeal.
  • Tangerine Dream – According to the bods at Pantone Inc., tangerine is the colour to be seen this season! This warm orange shade can work anywhere but it’s at its best away from the light; paired with gold for a brightening, bold statement, it can illuminate the darkest corners, bringing a feeling of bohemian opulence to a room. Try it in your boudoir for some zesty va-va-voom!
  • Brilliant Blues – Whether aquamarine, ‘scuba blue’, royal blue, or navy, having made a splash through autumn and winter 2014, these soulful shades will be sticking around for several seasons to come. Deep blues are being incorporated into home décor at a rate of knots, finding favour in carpets, curtains and even kitchenware. Try it in your conservatory with white stripes, wooden accents and beach-combed objet d’art for a look that’s nautical but nice!

Although colours come and go with the seasons and fashions change with the wind, quality will always shine though in any area, so however you dress it, your Apropos conservatory, orangery, or kitchen-diner will always stand proud as a work of art!

 Fancy a change for Spring? Give us a call or request a design consultation to see what Apropos can do for you!
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