Apropos Conservatories’ Winter Reflections.

Published on 10th February 2015
Winter is often a time for introspection, which would probably account for the fact that there are two ‘Blue Mondays’ in January alone. Cold weather and dark days leave plenty of time for solipsism, and we’re often not pleased with the results. Here at Apropos, we take a different approach; John Boswell sums it up nicely:
Winter, a lingering season, is a time to gather golden moments, embark upon a sentimental journey, and enjoy every idle hour.

In an idle hour this week, we’ve been discussing our favourite Apropos reflections, and to make the boss think that it was all in the name of work, we thought that we’d share them with you!

Raindrops on [glazed] rooftops – To our surprise (and to the consternation of many of you!) a Facebook comment alerted us to the fact that not everyone enjoys the sound of rain on a conservatory. For us, it’s one of life’s pleasures. While we appreciate that trying to sleep in a conservatory in a storm (as the writer of this article has on an unfortunately wet holiday in Pembroke!) is not frustration-free, we’re united in finding the pitter-patter of rain on glass soothing and appealing, creating in fact, the ideal ambience for reflection.

Job satisfaction – The thing about creativity is that it’s hugely rewarding and there is nothing more sustaining than seeing someone’s dreams made concrete… or… erm… glass… so we get a lot of job satisfaction at Apropos. One of our favourite projects this last year has been the Kirmond barn conversion; it was a fantastic, ambitious idea and we love the results so much that we were half-hesitant to hand over the keys when we were done!

Cat Beard - Apropos Conservatories Winter Reflections

Uncoiling Spring – Looking out of the conservatory windows today, with sleet and snow buffeting the glass, we unexpectedly spotted the first signs of spring; crocus and daffodil bulbs poking green noses through the soil. However bad the winter feels, spring always follows.

Cat beards – Sneaky office internet surfing… Need we say more? C’mon, tell us that didn’t make you smile!

The future’s bright – This year we’re excited about all sorts of things; the RHS Tatton Park Flower Show; our new range of Apropos verandas; summer holidays; getting back out in the garden; new projects; getting to know all of you lovely people a little better.

Winter is more than halfway over; the days are getting longer; the warm weather closer. It maybe a time for reflection, but try thinking about the good bits – it’s happy-making that way.

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