Order! Order! – Are you ready for National Organise Your Home Day?

Published on 12th January 2015
January seems far too soon to be talking about the big spring clean, but with Christmas just gone most of us have had an influx of new things, and we’re left with the question ‘what can we do with all of our new stuff?’

It’s not that you don’t want it; it’s just that there’s nowhere to put it. Until this point, it’s been piled on the dining table, sitting in bags, or lurking in the conservatory, but January 14th 2015 is National Organise Your Home Day, so now seems like a good time to do just that…

Organised Interior

There are three common approaches to home organisation: Blitz, Hide, and Extend. Each has its merits, but for long-term organisational success, it pays to employ all three.

The Big Blitz – The Blitz is rather like the spring clean, but it has bigger muscles. This is the time when you reach for the black bags and systematically work through all the drawers and cupboards in the house. We all hold on to things for sentimental reasons, but we also all have things that we need to let go of, so get yourself a bag for charity and bag for the bin and set yourself sorting. It’s time to be ruthless!

Hidden Hoards – Here at Apropos we just love secret storage, and these days there’s plenty to come by. Whether footstools with hinges, handcrafted tables that flip over to reveal hidden compartments, or – this is our favourite – ingenious staircases with drawers built into the steps; there are now endless ways to keep your clutter, without keeping it on display.

Extend – If your house is truly full to bursting and there’s really nothing more you can do – the problem with children is that they will keep growing! – it might be time to consider a home extension. A conservatory can act as a whole new room, useable all year round. Not only will it give you space to stretch out – making a great place for homework, a beautiful kitchen-diner, or chill-out zone – but it frees up more room in the rest of the house, and with a little bit of clever design, gives a wealth of new storage opportunities. The additional light entering through the glazing will spread and brighten the rest of the home, and because Apropos structures are bespoke, we can help you design the perfect new room to both compliment your existing home and maximise the available space.

Organising your home can feel like a chore, but it can also make life easier, keeping the clutter at bay and giving you more room to relax.

Call Apropos today on 0161 342 82176 or request a copy of our brochure to see how we could help you control your clutter for National Organise Your Home Day, and far far beyond. 
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