Seasonal Shades: What looks are hot for Winter ‘14

Published on 3rd December 2014
Ooh baby, it’s cold outside! Although actually, having said that, it’s not quite as bad we might usually expect in November… Even still, winter is upon us and it’s time for the fashion-followers to refresh their wardrobes and their homes. While colour pops and blazing shades were all the thing through the summer months, this winter it seems it’s hot to be cool.

Four of the Hottest Interior Trends for the Cold Winter Months

Industrial Evolution – Last week we talked about industrial chic, and although the pared-back look is still very much de rigueur, in some circles it’s taking on a slightly more practical and homely feel. Solid frames are softened by decadent fabrics; heavy metals are coated (rather like the frames in an Apropos structure) so that their shape and origin is obvious but friendlier for the modern home; organic materials are combined with wire frames; exposed floor boards are warmed by ornate, richly pilled rugs. The emphasis is on contrast; keeping colours muted and the industrial feeling present, but taming it for the contemporary home.

Nautical but Nice – Brits are used to bringing the seaside feel into their homes in the summer months, usually into their conservatories or bathrooms, but there’s more of a wintery theme running through this season’s nautical-inspired designs. Exposed wood, drift wood and white-stained wooden furniture are prevalent in shops and design studios. Pale, steely-blue or cool grey paint work compliments perfectly, while deep blue stripes should extend the theme to soft furnishings nicely.

Fusion – Possibly the simplest and least expensive style to achieve this season, Fusion allows you to work with what you’ve got. Plain, serviceable furniture – use throws to quieten it down if you’ve chosen a suite with a motif – walls of slate blue, teal, grey or exposed brick, augmented by feature artefacts; the tribal masks you picked up while travelling in Africa; the didgeridoo sent home by your great Aunt Flo; a large specimen house plant; brass, copper and gilded lanterns and objet d’art.

Luxe Living – Again, the cooler shades are favoured this season, but with luxe you’re looking at the creams and the whites. Opulent fabrics; huge fluffy cushions; seats that you sink into; white fixtures and fittings; thick fabric curtains; faux fur; fresh flowers in tall, elegant vases, everywhere; subtle-bling in the form of diamante studs in chair-backs, glass or golden lamp stands, glazed tables, floor-ceiling windows (from Apropos, of course!), and gilt-framed mirrors.

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