New Year’s Resolutions.

Published on 17th December 2014
New Year’s resolutions seem like such a good idea… Until it comes time to stick to them. Then giving up chocolate, taking up running or losing two stone in weight seems like a ridiculous ask. So this year, at Apropos, we’ve settled on a more sensible option – we’ve decided to get our houses in order.

Are you resolved to Go Green in 2015? Find out how Apropos can help…

Each of the team has chosen a household goal that they wish to attain in 2015, and by sharing it with you, we’re giving ourselves more of an incentive to achieve it! These are our top office resolutions for the coming year and our thoughts on how Apropos may be able to help.

  • Get Organised – Organisation is key when space is at a premium. A small Apropos bespoke glazed extension could give you the extra room you need to keep on top of a tidy home.
  • Lighten Up – Many modern health problems are caused by a lack of natural light; we have trouble sleeping, we can become depressed, it effects our digestion, we can be at greater risk of developing asthma, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and multiple sclerosis, to name but a few. Introducing picture windows, patio doors, skylights, and generally increasing the glazing in your home can help to combat the physical and psychological effects of vitamin D deficiency and sunlight deprivation.
  • Health Kick – Eating well is a common goal, but it’s easier to achieve if you have a beautiful kitchen to prepare your meals in. An Apropos bespoke kitchen extension could give you exactly what you need.
  • Family Time – If you feel that your family is a little bit fractured and you’d like to spend more time together, an Apropos orangery can make a wonderful home-hub. Cosy and inviting, with great views of the garden, the most common feedback we receive about our orangeries is that they bring families together.
  • Me Time – Having a place to retreat to can be an absolute sanity saviour. Our sister company, Atelier, could have just the thing for you. Atelier’s gorgeous garden rooms make an ideal chill-out zone, music room, gym; whatever you fancy.
  • Going Green – If we all reduced the energy used in our homes, our environment would be in a much better state. By installing new, Apropos energy-efficient doors and windows, you could reduce the thermal conductivity of your home by up to 50%. Larger windows would also reduce the need for synthetic light.
  • Save Money – See Going Green. A fortunate side effect of saving energy is saving a goodly amount of long-term cash.
  • Growing Green – If you cherish the ‘grow your own’ concept, an Apropos greenhouse in a good place to start your new green-fingered regime.
  • De-stress – We all have different ways to relax, but sitting with a book, or having a natter over tea and cake have to be among our favourites, and we can’t think of anywhere better to do it than in an Apropos conservatory!
Whatever your resolutions, and however you get on with them, we wish you a very happy 2015 from all at Apropos. 
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