Why good windows make a good investment.

Published on 7th August 2014
Apart from giving them the occasional clean, few of us often spare a thought for our windows. You might be surprised then, to discover the impact that our choice of windows has on our home.

A recent study revealed that not cleaning your home’s windows before a viewing can detract as much as 5% from the overall resale value of your property. That’s £12,500 for the average UK home. It seems like madness that such as small cosmetic detail can have such a huge impact on price, but it also seems to be true. Just imagine then, the impact of new glazing; not just on your home’s resale value (most of you will be perfectly happy where you are anyway and have no intention of moving on just now), but on your quality of living, your home’s energy efficiency, and on your fuel bills.

The windows are probably the weakest part of your home’s thermal barrier; single glazing allows for a massive amount of heat transference, impacting on your property’s temperature in both summer and winter. Then, when you add in old and degraded wooden frames, the impact is multiplied. This doesn’t just make for costly energy bills and irritating draughts, but can also present a serious security threat; where a draught can find purchase a determined burglar will be able to too.

In a nutshell, new windows can bring the following benefits:

  • Increased thermal efficiency, making for a more comfortable home.
  • An estimated £300 reduction in your home’s annual energy bills.
  • ‘Kerb appeal’ – new windows can increase the value of your home by between 8-19%, the higher figure relating to energy efficient glazing.
  • Peace of mind from improved security.

Made with highly durable, low-maintenance polyester powder-coated aluminium frames, Apropos windows are made to order for each individual client, meaning that your new glazing will deliver exactly what you want. If the south-facing rooms of your home tend to over-heat, we can help you with Solar Control glass, which will reduce heat transference by up to 65%, while the rest of your property may be better suited to low-emissivity glazing, which can help to prevent heat loss. As we make all of the parts for all of our glazing in-house, we can also cater for unusually shaped windows.

If your home is still sporting the single-glazed, wooden-framed windows of the ‘70s, now might be a good time to think about replacing them with some high quality modern alternatives. You’ll be amazed at the difference.

If you would like to discuss your home renovation plans with us this summer please call our customer service team on 0800 328 0033; we’d be glad to help.

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