Step into Summer.

Published on 18th June 2014
Summer. Is. Here. How fabulous is that thought? We didn’t have a particularly harsh winter, but oh, it was wet and miserable and somehow summer has felt a long time coming. The spring was kind to us, but with the longer days, the warmer weather (hopefully!), and blue skies, the summer is so very welcome.

pool house by apropos

We’ve waited so long, and now that it’s here, it’s time to get out and enjoy it. That doesn’t necessarily mean leaping on to the first plane out of Britain however; summer starts at home; you just need to invite it in!

As you probably know, at Apropos we’re passionate about architecture in glass; conservatories; orangeries; verandas and skylights; anything that brings natural light into the home is a blessing to us, but summer is, we think, the season of folding-sliding doors.

From the simple Saturday evening sausage sizzle for the kids, to an elaborately planned garden party, outdoor entertaining is part and parcel of the warmer months. No one cares about the insects when a warm breeze is blowing, a cool glass of wine is beading in your hand, the mouth-watering scent of the barbecue is mingling with the flowers and there’s good conversation all round.

The only problem is logistics; getting the food and serve ware outside through narrow kitchen doors; bringing out your guests, while listening for new arrivals; sorting out seating and making sure that there’s shelter if anyone gets too cold, or too hot. Playing the good host(ess) takes time, effort, practise, and a really beautiful set of folding-sliding doors! (Did you see that one coming?)

Being able to open up one side of your house makes summer entertaining a breeze; there’s no more squeezing sideways through door-shaped gaps with platters of nibbles in hand; there’s no more negotiations and ‘after you, no, after you, no really, after you, no… will you please just go through the flipping door?’ exchanges, no more spilt drinks as impractical summer shoes trip you over the threshold, and no more slammings, bangings, crashings and  curses as overwrought children fly up to their rooms.

In the day time, Aprofold doors slide back to let you enjoy the fresh air away from the heat of the sun, and when you’re whiling away the hours weeding, repairing a puncture on the paddling pool, or sitting with a good book in a shady corner, you can easily keep an eye and an ear on the goings on indoors.

Stepping into summer is about embracing possibilities and with Apropos, your home renovation is only a step away.

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