The Sky’s the Limit.

Published on 28th March 2014
Creating architecture from glass comes with many advantages. At Apropos, one of our favourite aspects is that wherever it’s positioned, from the roof panes of a ground floor extension, to the heady heights of an atrium’s peak, working with glass means that for our clients, the sky is always the visual limit.

It’s a liberating feeling, looking up and finding that the sky is smiling down; it doesn’t matter what the weather is doing; if the sky is in sight you can’t feel hemmed-in; you have room to breathe and stretch your soul. We try to encapsulate that feeling and carry it forward into the Apropos design process; the beauty of bespoke constructions is that while there are still a few limitations – gravity, for instance – there is also plenty of scope for you to get exactly what you want.

Imagine, for instance, that atrium we were talking about a few moments ago. You might have been dreaming about it for years; that double-height home-hub that brings a shaft of light into the centre of your house and unites rooms previously separated. You might have considered buying off-the-peg but met numerous stumbling blocks; uPVC is too weak to bear the load for a two storey structure; your required height doesn’t quite fit standardised forms; the thermal integrity of your home would be compromised; the space you have is irregular; you can add your own complications here!

No. 3 South London Kitchen Extension

The beauty of Apropos is that we not only create every design for every single client from scratch, but we also craft all of the components used within every structure on an individual basis. So, if your aluminium extrusions need to be a few centimetres taller than you might buy off the peg, then we’ll cast them that way. If your glass needs to be tall and narrow, or squared, or slanted, that’s how we’ll make it. If you need the roof panes to be self-cleaning, and the walls to be fire retardant, or toughened to improve thermal efficiency, then we’ll advise on the glass for you. If you want three different types of doors; folding; patio; sliding or hinged, that’s not for us to query. Who cares if that’s not the way it’s usually done? That’s the way you want it, and that’s good enough for us.

Limitations and stumbling blocks are there to be overcome. At Apropos, we’re rather good at that. So reach for the sky; your dream home is waiting.

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