Conservatory Controversy.

Published on 5th February 2014
2013 was a great year for Apropos in many ways, not least because we extended our social media presence and it has proven to be a fabulous way to get to know you all a little better.

Some of you have been very kind indeed, while others haven’t been shy in letting us know that you can’t please all of the people all of the time! Whether positive or negative however, we’ve been really thrilled to receive your feedback and we’d like it to keep on coming. We thought we’d take this opportunity to share some of the Facebook comments that have caught our eye over the last few months.

Lean to conservatory by Apropos - Winter Scene

We’ll start, if you’ll forgive us, with a little bit of trumpet-blowing, because this lovely remark from David Tinsley nicely summarises what it is that Apropos try to do.

‘Every time people come to our home they’re always wowed by our glass extension you installed…’

Whether it’s a full glazed extension like David had, a glass patio or a simple skylight, the Apropos aim is to make people happy. If we can possibly add in some ‘wow’ to the mixture, then more’s the better! We don’t use templates, pre-fabricated frames or pre-cut glass in standardised sizes; everything in our structures is made to order, which helps us to deliver exactly what you want.

Apropos Conservatories

Carolyne Howard on the other hand thought that Apropos might be ‘too big to be personal’ and she has a preference for oak frames over aluminium. While we obviously favour aluminium – largely for its strength, versatility, durability and its low-maintenance qualities – we do appreciate that not everyone shares the same aesthetic values, and oak can look lovely.

We were however, slightly concerned about the perception that Apropos is too big to deliver a personal service. We are able to work on builds throughout the country, but that’s only because many of our designers work from home and are willing to travel. Apropos is a family business with a 75 year history and we only ever work on bespoke designs, so delivering the personal touches really is at our core. We like to get to know our clients and it’s extremely important to us that we leave them happy with their purchase. Although the shining glass and aluminium structures we erect can give a corporate feel to the company, we’re really just a cottage industry at heart!

And finally, we would like to thank Russ McCulloch for his kind offer to let us build a demo orangery at his house in Sale… Full marks for trying, Russ! We don’t need any show homes right now, but we’re always happy to show visitors around our factory in Manchester, just give us a call and we’ll arrange a time.

Positive, negative, constructive or otherwise, do please keep your comments coming. If we’re doing something wrong we would very much like to know, but equally a bit of positivity always makes us smile.

Here’s to our continued virtual relationship, long may it prosper!

If you’d like to stay in touch you can order your free copy of our 2014 brochure here or to speak with someone directly call; 0161 342 8206 and, of course, you can find us on Facebook!  


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