Buy, Build, Improve?

Published on 29th January 2014

With official figures showing that the UK housing market has finally regained its equilibrium, moving home is beginning to seem like a viable option once more. House prices rose by a healthy 7.5% throughout 2013, meaning that if your current property no longer suits your requirements, you now have three feasible options open to you – buying, building and improving.

To Buy, or Not to Buy?

Buying a home is always a gamble, with no financial guarantees. However,  we’re currently at a time of relative poise, sitting neatly between a declining and bubbling market, where you can sell with a small profit while still being able to pick up a bargain, particularly if you can face a ‘do-er up-er’ (which might be an appealing prospect with Apropos to hand!).

Buying a house straight out, whether new-build or period, is probably the simplest option if you’re ready to move on, but it can also be rather restrictive, with dimensions, aspect and orientation already fixed. If you’re not overly concerned about specifics, or are happy to hunt for the perfect property, a straightforward purchase could be the way ahead for you.

Relatively fuss-free, it’s simply a case of being prepared to compromise.

Building on Your Success

Building your own home from scratch is often viewed as a pipedream, but if you go about things the right way, seeking the right advice from the right people it isn’t as difficult as you might think. The process generally takes longer than purchasing something that already exists, but the clear beauty of the scheme is that there is the opportunity to get exactly what you want; Apropos windows that suit your sight-line; plug sockets where you want them and a floor plan that suits your individual needs, whether that includes an open-plan living area, a loo with a view, or a seamless transition between inside and out – with Aprofold doors, of course!.

The cons? Well, there are always some negative points, a major one being the problem of finding the land on which to build, another being the anxiety occasioned by the process and the potential for things to go wrong. However, the effort usually pays dividends.

Improving Your Potential

For many people, improving their home works out to be the best of both worlds, delivering a tailor-made space created to their specifications without the stress and expense of relocation, solicitor’s fees or finding a new property/land.

Adding glass and enhancing the levels of natural light that enter a home, whether through relatively simple measures, such as the addition of an Apropos skylight and glazed doors, or more radical double height atriums and kitchen extensions, will also add value to a property, should you wish to sell it in the future.

The trick here however, is to get the balance right; an inappropriate extension that detracts from the property with poor quality construction or materials, or conversely, a venture that is far too grand for the location, could see you out of pocket in the long term.

If you would like to discuss a potential project with one of our design experts please call: 0800 328 0033 or click here to order a copy of our brochure.


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