I’m dreaming of a glazed Christmas…

Published on 20th December 2013

Ah, Christmas. Here we are again; that fun time of year where the family comes together to eat, drink and be merry, exchanging gifts, playing games and generally being sociable.

Well, that’s the plan anyway, until you suddenly find that your house is unaccountably too small; you can’t fit everyone in the same space; adults gather in diminishing clusters; children depart to their various bedrooms; whoever is cooking is left alone in the kitchen and that dream of festive unity is slowly eroded.

Know the feeling? Perhaps this year you should be asking Santa for an orangery?

The benefits of glazed extensions are commonly only considered in relation to the summer time, but at Apropos we find that it’s at Christmas, and all the other festive occasions, that they really come into their own, offering a spacious, attractive and cosy home-hub for a proper family get together.

Imagine the scene; it’s dark outside; candle-light is flickering on blue-black windows; the children are in bed; you have a glass of fragrant mulled wine in your hand; your feet are up; the wood-burner is crackling and the house is all serenity. Behind you is the kitchen; open-plan, integrated, the heart of the home. Before you, perfectly framed by two long stretches of windows, sits your tree; surrounded by presents, tastefully/vibrantly/chaotically (delete as appropriate!) decorated by the kids, possibly even steampunk-themed to suit the industrial chic of your extension’s aluminium frame. And you are thinking of the evening just passed.

The house was full, but there was space for everyone. As you cooked and served you were surrounded by friends and family who helped and chatted and you felt involved, rather than just put-upon. The children played games, and so did the adults. The light bounced off the windows, making the world seem brighter and when the alcohol in the thermometer inevitably crept higher the temperature control kicked in to regulate the room, keeping everyone comfortable… Until someone thought it would be funny to slide open the Aprofold doors, admitting a gust of sleety air.

Christmas day will be a quieter affair; just family. But just family all together in one room, not fighting for space and tripping over each other, while you slave in the kitchen, locked away from the celebrations and increasingly losing your cool in the stuffy, ignored space.

Sounds nice, doesn’t it? There’s still time to redraft that letter to Santa Claus!

Worried about how old Saint Nick might struggle to squeeze your new orangery down the chimney? That’s easily remedied; you simply need to ask for a new one, attached to a wood-burning stove, for the Apropos elves to build your orangery around!

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