Step into the light…

Published on 12th November 2013

Sun is shining, the weather is sweeeeeet, yeahhhhh;
Make you want to move your dancing feet…

Who cares if it’s winter? The weather is just a state of mind. Well, unless you happen to be caught out in the wet and the wind but, when you’re snuggled up indoors enjoying a centrally heated glow, the gentle patter of rain on glass (safe in the knowledge that said rain is cleaning your clever Pilkington Activ Clear windows so you don’t have to) and watching the storm blow by, there’s nothing better than a blustery British winter’s

You might think that at Apropos we would have a distinct fondness for summer time; surely summer is when glass houses, greenhouses, skylights, orangeries, and sliding doors come into their own? Who ever heard of someone kicking back in their conservatory to watch the snow with a glass of mulled wine? Sounds nice though – doesn’t it? In a way, you might be right; we do love the summer; we love the warmth and the play of light; we love gardens in full bloom and the drone of bees and swoop of birds as they busy themselves through the longer days. However, it’s in the colder, darker seasons that you can feel the full benefits of architecture in glass; finding light in the summer is simple, in winter it takes more effort.

Our little home in the northern hemisphere can make many people miserable in the winter months, because although us humans have evolved beyond the hibernation ritual, there’s a little pearl-shaped part of the brain – the hypothalamus – that still responds to the amount of natural light available and as the seasons turn and the days get shorter it gets into a bit of a grump; it wants carbohydrates and it wants a nap – one from October to February ideally.

Sadly however, few employers are willing to accommodate a period of hibernation these days, and the kids, inconsiderately, want feeding on a regular basis, so what can you do? Fill your home with natural light. Johnny Cash instructed us to ‘get rhythm’ when we get the blues, and that actually works pretty well – we challenge you to a boogie the next time your mood begins to plummet – but as the production of serotonin (the happy thought hormone) in the brain is directly triggered by natural light, it stands to reason that the more glass walls your home possesses, the happier you will feel.

Summer, spring, winter or fall, all you gotta do is call and we’ll be there (yes we will!), helping to lift your mood by bringing light and loveliness to your home. We’re Apropos where architecture in glass was born and that’s just what we do.

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