A Touch of Glass.

Published on 3rd September 2013

To love beauty is to see light,’ so said Victor Hugo and – let’s face it – he had a point.

In darkness, what do we see? The night sky is only majestic for the shining pinpricks of distant suns and planets; where there is only blackness there is nothing to engage our senses, only prompts to spark our inherent fears. Humans are light-loving creatures; we’ve evolved that way, so there’s little surprise that glass has always been a much sought after feature of any dwelling. Today, with a little planning and clever design anyone can have a light-filled living space, and for most a conservatory or orangery is the perfect way to start.

The aesthetic appeal of any glass extension is obvious; light floods into every cranny creating a feeling of space and freedom; the building’s useable sheltered footprint is increased, giving you more room and in theory less clutter; and with an Apropos bespoke conservatory, orangery, or lean-to you’re able to get precisely the look and feel to suit your needs, space and budget. That, however, is only the beginning of the attractions on offer from a glazed construction.

While energy bills are on the way ever upwards and our reserves of fossil fuels are in decline anything that can reduce a home’s electricity consumption can only be considered a good thing. It’s an obvious statement to make, but the more natural light that enters a home, the fewer electric lights you will need to use and the more money you’ll save. A simple equation is to count how many 60W light bulbs you have in your house and work out how often you use them. 1 kilowatt-hour will power a light bulb for roughly 16 hours and on average energy companies charge around 27 pence per kilowatt-hour… If you only need to use your lights during the darkest hours of the day your savings could be considerable and the benefit to the environment even greater – imagine if everyone in the UK reduced their light consumption by fifty percent. What a difference it could make in both financial and environmental terms.

And still the benefits of natural light continue! We all know it, but sun burn aside, natural light is good for our health; it improves the mood by influencing chemicals produced by the brain; it increases vitamin D levels in the blood, which in turn helps to prevent no end of illnesses, from rickets to certain types of cancer; it boosts our immunity and prevents depression.

There are so many advantages in swapping brick for glass, and in adding an orangery or conservatory to your home you can increase the quality and quantity of natural light penetration without causing too much disruption during construction. In doing so you’ll also give a lift to the value of your property.

Let there be light, saith Apropos… And lo; a conservatory appeared.

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