Less Roof – More Sky

Published on 9th August 2013

Did you know that there are, on average, 200-300 UFO sightings every year in the UK? Or that there are literally thousands of shooting stars on show every single night? Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn are all known as ‘naked eye’ planets because they can be easily viewed from Earth, given the right weather conditions.

Did you know that 596 different species of birds visit the UK annually? Or that August is the best time to see hot air balloons flying over Blighty? Or that, although there are only 10 different official types of cloud, their forms are infinite.

These are just some of the reasons that at Apropos we think it’s a great idea to look up!

Skylights and roof lights are one of the easiest ways to improve a home, making a real impact upon any room with access to an external ceiling and causing very little disruption in the process. Natural light floods into dusky rooms during the daytime and at night, when the lights are low, you have a starscape to gaze upon.

From astronomy to astrology to lay-meteorology and bird-watching over the rooftops (with the aid of a sturdy stool or stepladder!) an Apropos skylight can be life enhancing.

At Apropos, we all of our products are custom built to order for each and every client, meaning that we have no restrictions on size and shape, so regardless of how small, or large, or awkward the room that you wish to improve, so long as the ceiling does not lead to another room, we can help you begin to scan the skys.

From the day that we climbed down from the trees and made our homes upon the earth, man has been obsessed with the sky and everything in it. Today, you might not know your altocumulus from your nimbostratus, but with the aid of an Apropos skylight we’ll make a cloudspotter of you yet!

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