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Published on 14th August 2013

The great summer exodus might be well under way, but far fewer of us are fleeing abroad these days than were doing so five or six years ago. The recession has bitten and although ‘green shoots’ are said to be appearing there’s still not much cash to splash on more frivolous pursuits. The staycation, therefore, is becoming a much more prevalent feature of British life. Of course, when you have a beautiful home, staying there is not so much of a hardship!

Our aim, at Apropos, is to help our customers to achieve the lifestyle they dream of, whether that’s having a gorgeous garden getaway to retreat to when summer holiday bickering reaches its peak, or an open-plan living area where all the family can stay and play together without getting under each other’s feet.

Lean To with Dwarf Wall 2

The large expanses of glass mean that barely an inch of this wonderful view is lost and help bring the outside in.

Look up, for a moment, while you’re reading this… Can you see the rest of your family from where you are sitting? Well done, if you can! Among the most common complaints of the modern parent is that although they might be in the same home, they rarely see their children; our houses are so compartmentalised that there’s little room for family interaction.

The boys will be upstairs listening to music and playing on their X-Box; the girls will be Facebook-ing; dad will be watching telly and tinkering with his smartphone while mum, might be reading this on the iPad, thinking of ways to bring the family together and dreaming of an open-plan existence.

Installing an Apropos Orangery means the whole family has a place to relax together in your new home hub

An Apropos bespoke Orangery could be just what you’re looking for. Designed to deliver character, style and functionality in equal parts, an Apropos orangery makes the model home-hub. Light and airy with views – and doors – on to the garden and a design created specifically to suit your needs, which could incorporate a kitchen area, wood-burning stove or simply comfortable chairs to slouch in. An orangery, or more specifically, your orangery, is a wonderful place to be. From board games and children’s parties to family meals and plain relaxation, orangeries create a home-hub with a difference.

An Atelier by Apropos Garden Studio provides the perfect summer vacation in any garden.

If getting away from the family during the six week break – without packing them off to Granny’s – is more of a priority, then an Atelier Garden Studio by Apropos could be right up your… garden path. Offering a detached and tranquil space for you to call your own while the kids take over the house, a garden studio becomes something of an oasis. With limitless uses they are entirely adaptable, resulting in the ideal place to work, study, play music, exercise, craft, read, or sit with a glass of wine and gaze at the stars whilst your home is slowly deconstructed by teenagers. The best bit about our garden studios? You can lock them too – keeping out any unwanted visitors.

A Garden room can provide you with the great escape you’ve always dreamed of – especially during summer holidays.

If you’d prefer to keep a closer eye, then a glazed garden room can be a good compromise. Usually still attached to the home, but less integrated than an orangery, a glazed garden room can easily become a grown-up chill-out zone, which allows you to monitor the children while having a space to keep your sanity intact. They also make a fabulous place for entertaining.

Like puppies, an Apropos glass extension is not just for the summer holidays; it’s for life, and living, and an investment now could pay dividends in the future, catering for staycations year after year.

For more information on Apropos bespoke range of glass and aluminium structures please call; 0161 342 8200, or to order your free brochure please click here.

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