Why Not Make a Splash?

Published on 15th July 2013

The Apropos Glass used to construct this pool house not only protects it from the British Weather but also adds a rather grandiose feeling to the whole area.

The swimming pool is perhaps the most aspirational of home accessories. It speaks not only of physical fitness, but of fun, relaxation and, if the weather obliges, decadence. But that’s the snag; the Great British weather. When the sun is shining we have best climate in the world, when it’s not, well, you probably won’t want to be pool-side which is exactly where an Apropos Pool House can come into play.

While an outdoor pool can often be something of an albatross, sitting unused for 50 weeks of the year, a swimming pool protected by a bespoke glass structure can become a fully functional lifestyle accessory whatever the weather, providing year-round shelter without blocking out the sky.

Although until fairly recently pool houses were often stultifying affairs which compromised natural light for protection from the elements, the high performance coatings used on modern glazing means that with an Apropos pool house you need make no concessions.

Created to meet your specifications, our bespoke buildings can be glass-walled, glass-ceilinged and glass-doored, if you wish, to help the light flood in to every corner, with Low-e Laminated shatter-proof glazing for extra safety, or Solar Control glass to ensure that your pool room is thermally sound. If you want to be able to make the best of the warmer weather, Apro-fold doors can be used to open up an entire side of the building, or two sides to allow a through-draft. If you prefer to have more privacy, solid walls with full-roof skylights and automated vent actuation can be installed to alter the air-flow according to the weather, so that you don’t have to lift a finger.

Architecturally beautiful, sympathetic to your current property and hugely life-enhancing; an Apropos pool house can help your dreams become a reality, allowing you and your family to relax, play and exercise under the sun, under the stars, and even under the snow.

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