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Published on 25th June 2013

Trends come and go in architecture and décor almost as quickly as they do in fashion, but if there is one thing that never goes out of vogue, it is glass. Humans have had a special relationship with the substance since we first discovered how to make it, around 3000BC, it was those clever Ancient Roman’s who worked out how to use it for windows, and we haven’t looked back since.


At Apropos we pride ourselves on being able to create attractive glass constructions on any scale, but we appreciate that where there’s a will there’s not always the means; while a conservatory or summer house might appeal, you may not want to sacrifice your veggie patch for a patio. But a rooflight, well, practically anyone can have one.

From subtle triple-glazed sloping ceiling windows to elevated constructions that add real kerb-appeal to a property, an Apropos skylight offers complete versatility of form and an endless application of function. From brightening stairwells, kitchen extensions and attic conversions, to opening up the bedroom – imagine being woken by natural light on even the gloomiest of days; anywhere with access to an external ceiling can be lit up by an Apropos skylight. Even listed buildings can benefit from a rooflight; you just need the knowhow to render it sympathetically –we have that knowhow and we’re happy to share it.

Designed and manufactured to your specifications, every Apropos skylight is original, created for beauty and ease. With automated vent actuation available, we can even help you to control the room temperature without constantly opening and closing your window on the sky. Over time it will save you money too, reducing the need for artificial lights.

When Rome ruled the world the amount of glass in your home defined your status and nothing much has changed. Glass may no longer be a status symbol per se, but a beautiful home is, and whether you live in a mansion in Hertfordshire, or a bungalow in Bridgend, if your home is bathed in natural light you’ll add pounds to both your resale value and quality of life.

An Apropos skylight can help turn a dark house into a bright and happy home.

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